Object Envelope Showcases The Work Of Christopher Wood.

His core values are a simple approach to design, understated and restrained expression, attention to detail with the use of natural material pallets, and a rejection of decoration. Chris enjoys working with vernacular forms found in the Cape and reinterpreting these traditional architypes. Alternative building techniques play an important role in the projects he is involved in, ensuring the design of these buildings are energy-efficient and have a low environmental impact.

After graduating from the University of Port Elisabeth more than 25 years ago, Chris first worked in various architectural practices in Johannesburg before moving to Cape Town in 2007, where he is still based. He has worked for and collaborated with a multitude of practices, run his own studio and been involved in a wide range of different projects – commercial, industrial, educational as well as residential. He has also delved into furniture and product design, winning the Eskom ETA lighting award.

Chris is also actively involved with modular manufacturing systems and runs an NPO with his partners in the township of Khayelitsha. The goal is to educate low-skilled communities in informal and rural settlements in starting industry by manufacturing homes.

Chris loves to play, write and produce (electronic) music, explore modular synthesis, collect vinyl and draw. He enjoys books of a wide range of subjects and has a penchant for cooking Middle Eastern food.